Unbounded Solutions Releases Printing Services for SharePoint 2013

Brings Comprehensive Print Functionality to Microsoft’s Enterprise Collaboration Tool

 ATLANTA, GA. January 7, 2014 – Unbounded Solutions today announced the availability of Printing Services for Microsoft SharePoint 2013.  Completely rewritten to take advantage of the enhancements found in the latest version of SharePoint, the product joins compatible versions for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007 to give SharePoint users the ability to print a folder full of documents, or selected documents with just a few clicks of the mouse.

“Our customers made it clear that they needed this functionality as they upgraded to SharePoint 2013,” explained Unbounded Solutions Director of Technology, Manuel Munoz.  “Microsoft SharePoint is a fantastic collaboration tool, but there is still a compelling need to be able to print documents without tediously opening and printing each item one at a time.  Printing Services for SharePoint 2013 also allows users to print any or all versions of a single file, making it simple to compare multiple iterations of any document.”

With Printing Services for SharePoint, worker productivity and efficiency are greatly enhanced as a variety of documents created by multiple applications can be printed by simply selecting the files in question and then clicking the print button.  By way of example, a user might select two Excel spreadsheets, three Word documents, two PowerPoint presentations and a PDF of a white paper and send all to the printer without the need to open each file and application.

Equally impressive, the software makes it easy to print Calendar Events as well as all attachments, InfoPath forms and Lists.  It is simple to setup and configure an array of printing options, to include SharePoint Web Applications, Site Collections and views at the Site Level.spp2013_promo

“Enterprises are always looking for ways to enhance productivity and get a great return on investment,” noted Business Development Manager, Jeremey Webb.  “Think about the time it would take a user to print all of the documents needed for a sales meeting or a budget review.  Instead of going into each app, locating the right document, printing multiple copies, and then repeating that process who knows how many times, the user can quickly select the documents needed directly from SharePoint and print them in the numbers needed in just a few moments.  Do that often enough, and the software will pay for itself in terms of enhanced productivity.”

Printing Services for SharePoint 2013 is available immediately, with a 14 day free trial available at SharePointPrinting.com.  As part of the product kickoff, all who download the trial will be entered into a drawing for an iPad mini tablet, while those who choose to purchase the product by January 31, 2014 can take advantage of a 20% discount off of the price of the software.

About Unbounded Solutions, Inc.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Unbounded Solutions is a global leader in Microsoft SharePoint & Exchange services and Mobile Application Development for the Enterprise.  With offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and India, Unbounded Solutions consultants deliver customized mobile business apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile platforms while continuing to expand its SharePoint and Exchange practices.  Unbounded Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, which has three times been named to the Inc. 500/5000 list of fastest growing companies.

To learn more about Unbounded Solutions, please visit http://www.TheUnbounded.com, and follow the company on Twitter @TheUnbounded.

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