The Best Android Apps of 2013

When someone comes to us an proceeds to tell us about the top apps for a platform, be it Android, iOS or even our Xbox 360, we tend to shrug.  After all if all you’re into is games, a list of utilities or reference apps probably won’t get you terribly excited.

Still, we do tend to pay attention when one of the leading technology publications puts out a comprehensive list of the best apps for Android in 2013, as PC Magazine has done today.  They hit a wide variety of categories: Utilities, News Readers, Reference Apps, Productivity & Organization applications, Communication, Social media, Music and Video apps, Games, Travel and Shopping.  That’s likely to hit at least one area of interest to you.

Take a look at the full list – is a favorite of yours missing?  If so, tell us about it below.  And if you’re looking for an app to be developed that can be on next year’s list, click here to see how we can help you with Android Application Development.

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