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It’s no great secret that the economy is weak and getting a decent job right out of school can be tough.  Even with great grades!

So what can you do when you’re seeking that first IT Job that will lead to an exciting career in Information Technology?   Might we suggest that you review Unbounded Solutions?

Unbounded Solutions is an IT Consulting firm based in Atlanta.  We perform IT service functions and develop apps and products for a wide range of clients in business, education and government.  As such we’re on the lookout for talented candidates with four-year degrees in technology that we can then train on our systems and procedures, and who would work with our senior and experienced consultants.

Once up to speed, we place these freshly trained consultants at a variety of locations where they work developing mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices.  We also recruit, train and place consultants to work on Microsoft technologies like SharePoint and Exchange.  Typically a new consultant will work with an experienced consultant who has ‘been around the block’ numerous times.


How does this work?

We invest resources in you.  If you qualify, we’ll fly you to Atlanta, house you in our corporate housing, pay you a basic wage and put you through an immersive and challenging curriculum covering one of our practice areas.  We’ll assign you a Consultant Development Manager who will guide you through the training process and act as your coach and mentor.  You’ll get to work on real projects in class and out of the class room.

We’ll also work with you on ‘soft-skills’ – how to format your resume, how to dress for success, and how to handle interviews.  You’ll learn how to work on a technology team and work towards a specific deadline.

It sounds too good to be true – what’s the catch?

We get that a lot.  The catch is that in order to get the training and support infrastructure, we’ll require that you agree to a contract that commits you to work for us for a period of two years.  During that time you’ll be placed on projects with companies and organizations that span the globe.  You will be expected to relocate to where the job is located.  If you’re not sure where you’ll want to settle down, this is a great chance to see what it might be like to live in other parts of the country.

You’ll be paid a competitive salary as you do these tasks, and after every 500 hours of consulting work, your performance will be evaluated.  If you meet your goals, you’ll get a pay increase.

And after that two year commitment?  That’s entirely up to you.  You can stay with us and potentially become a mentor to a new group of consultants.  Or you’ll be free to move on to other organizations – and with two years of real-world experience, you’ll be in a much better position to get such an opportunity.

It really is a win-win.  We get to tap into your talent for two years.  You get the opportunity to use your degree and to take the first steps down the path of a rewarding career in IT.

To see what opportunities we have available, be sure to check our careers page.

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