Manufacturing Solutions


To be successful in the manufacturing sector, organizations need to focus on cost reductions at the same time that they increase efficiencies.  And they need to do this while maintaining or improving the quality of the products being produced.

Lean manufacturing methods are a great start, but an investment in systems upgrades and enhancements can have a significant impact as well.  Robust manufacturing IT solutions can enhance the visibility into the full production run, allowing manufacturers to see where bottlenecks are occurring and to ensure that maximum capacity is achieved on a routine basis.

By integrating a Manufacturing Execution System and Manufacturing Operations Management with solutions like Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange, the entire operation can have visibility into the full production process.  Moreover, the organization will be able to share relevant data with vendors, customers, logistics and partners.

This means that low inventory levels result in reorders of supplies or shipments of products just in time.  No one wants to pay the warehousing fees for items that are not in demand.  Our IT experts are ready to help manufacturers to address Asset Management, MES/MOM Integration, SAP and SharePoint integration and migrations, Manufacturing intelligence and Equipment Monitoring and Tracking.