Professional Services

It’s time for some help. Your organization needs a team of qualified engineers to create a unique solution, develop a software product or to manage a systems migration. This isn’t a job that you can handle on your own – you need a team of experts.

You need Unbounded Solutions and one of our technical teams.

Each of our tech teams is comprised of a project manager who leads a team of IT Professionals with deep expertise in one or more of the following technologies:

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Mobile Application Development:
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Windows Mobile

While Unbounded Solutions team members have worked on projects for a vast array of businesses and organizations, we have a few specialized areas where our experts have worked wonders.


Government Solutions

Unbounded Solutions realizes that there are as many technology issues specific to agencies in the public sector, as there are logistical challenges. You may be working with outdated legacy systems that you can’t replace due to a lack of budget. You might have compliance hurdles that require specific frameworks. But somehow you still need to deliver IT services that are safe, secure and responsive.

We can help with that.




Financial Solutions

It is a fact – a financial services organization needs 24/7 uptime for all of its systems.  Transactions occur every millisecond and if systems fail, money is lost every second.

Unbounded Solutions understands that failure is not an option.  We work with our financial customers to understand their business needs and when changes are required, we develop action plans and strategies that mitigate any necessary down time and which enhance performance.


Educational Solutions

We’ve rolled out customize SharePoint and Exchange installations for public school districts as well as private and public colleges.  We understand that resources are tighter than ever while technology expectations continue to rise.  Students expect access to course materials and access to instructors via mobile devices, while campus staff expect easy access to shared documents and online collaboration.

With Unbounded Solutions educators will find a trusted partner equally capable of developing robust mobile applications as well as providing unequaled expertise in Microsoft-based services and frameworks like SharePoint and Exchange.




Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing has become much more complicated than just making products.  Today’s manufacturing companies need to plan and project demand well in advance of need, and then they need to be able to store and deliver the products via increasingly complicated warehousing logistics and transportation systems.  If you can’t share relevant and timely data with your vendors, you won’t be able to be successful.


Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare is changing.  With the advent of the Affordable Care Act there are host of opportunities and challenges facing healthcare providers and suppliers.  Are your systems up to date? Can you interact and share data with new systems and processes?

Unbounded Solutions has a wealth of expertise in the healthcare space and we understand the compliance challenges organizations are facing with the changes to healthcare coverage and delivery of services.