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Client: IEEE – Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers

IEEE, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, is an association dedicated to advancing innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity.  It is also the world’s largest technical professional society. It is designed to serve professionals involved in all aspects of the electrical, electronic and computing fields and related areas of science and technology that underlie modern civilization.

IEEE and its members inspire a global community through IEEE’s highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities. The IEEE Computer Society Digital Library (CSDL) provides online access to 29 society magazines and transactions and more than 4,450 conference publications.

iPhone App Development Goals

The CSDL application, which brings a plethora of information to users, was last modified in 2011. Since then, iOS 5 and  6 had been released; the latter of which broke the application in such a way that it was rendered useless. Upon pulling their iPhone app from the app store, IEEE sought out to patch up and overhaul their iPhone application in a variety of ways. Resuscitating the iPhone app was the primary task, but enhancing user interactions, adding features, and embellishing the overall look also vied for center stage.

iPhone App Development Overview

The primary culprit for the iPhone app not functioning was deprecated code. Rectification of this and removal of redundant/erroneous code was the first step. Additionally, the application was converted to an A.R.C project for better memory usage/care. Most of the web services where either being worked on or not working correctly at the start. Specifics of the information required by the app was communicated to the web team whom promptly corrected such issues; for example the mobile login service, the mobile search service, magazines/transactions retrieval service, and the like. Along with this, parsing issues with xml files attained from web service calls where fixed.

Enhancing the look of the app with newer graphics and more possible user customizations was another step in the right direction. The simple ability to rearrange the home pages recent publication icons to any desired order empowers the user. Some of the biggest features added that where previously lacking: 1) auto login, 2) search history, 3) dropbox syncing. The redundant need to input login information every time had to be remedied, and any user will greatly appreciate it. A search history provides a user with up to 100 previously made searches for convenience, as well as a simple way to perform old searches again.

One of the last steps was the addition of the dropbox sync api. This expands the apps sharing of information to a whole new level of power and ease. Sharing information via facebook, twitter, pdfs by email, or storing them locally is great. However, being able to quickly store all your folders and pdfs in dropbox gives the ultimate sharing tool. No matter the device, your library will be accessible and shareable.

App Launch

The app lets users browse the worlds largest single source of computer science and engineering literature, IEEE’s Computer Society Digital Library: bringing a wealth of resources to your fingertips. The app makes it all clear and concise, with out the added fluff that the digital library website has which clouds and conceals simple tasks. Read abstracts, save pdfs, perform searches, browse, share on facebook/twitter /emails /dropbox, and much more convenience on the go. You never have to be without your library now.

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