British Petroleum

iPhone App Client: BP

BP is one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies. With a history spanning over a hundred years and operations spanning over 80 countries, BP is involved in every stage of gas, oil and energy production, from exploration to mining, refining, supplying and research.

iPhone App Development Goals

Somo Global was asked by BP to produce a proof of concept for a consumer-facing iPhone application that could be used to convey the company’s global activities to the public. The application would provide up-to-date news on BP’s latest exploration activities, technological advances and operations as well as general news about the company.

The time constraints set out by BP necessitated Somo Global to leverage expertise provided by Unbounded Solutions to get the project completed in time.

iOS App Development Overview

In two weeks, a fully functioning application was produced using Unity3D and objective-C. This design centers on a spinning 3D globe; a user can select the area of information they are interested in, which places glowing markers over the areas of interest for that information. When one of these markers is selected, the user is presented with a magnified view of the area with the location of each point of interest or operations block marked. When a point is selected, more detailed information is displayed, including video presentations, facts and figures and live-feed charts.

iPhone App Programming Details

The iPhone application was created using Unity3D and Unity script, embedded in a lightweight objective-C controller that co-ordinates the various information streams, as well as the CMS communication and 2D user interface. Communication between Unity and the objective-C application is facilitated by a custom API produced and specialized for this specific project. This API also handles the dynamic creation of Unity assets from CMS data and full touch, accelerometer and GPS interaction with the Unity scene.

The iPhone application has been commissioned to be turned from a proof of concept into a full product for release, which will be produced by Unbounded Solutions, working on behalf of Somo.

Project Details:

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