Client: ADP

With more than $10 billion in revenues and more than 60 years of experience, ADP® (NASDAQ: ADP) serves approximately 600,000 clients in more than 125 countries. As one of the world’s largest providers of business outsourcing and human capital management solutions, ADP offers a wide range of human resource, payroll, talent management, tax and benefits administration solutions from a single source, and helps clients comply with regulatory and legislative changes, such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). ADP’s easy-to-use solutions for employers provide superior value to companies of all types and sizes. ADP is also a leading provider of integrated computing solutions to auto, truck, motorcycle, marine, recreational vehicle, and heavy equipment dealers throughout the world.

Development Goals

ADP’s mobile application harvests in an innovative manner the wealth of information that this fortune 500 company has within it’s databases. ADP utilizes this information to allow employees and employers the ability to view the pay rate of employees, paid time off balances, 401k investments, tax statements, clocking in and out, medical, dental and vision care benefits. All of this is accomplished by utilizing a backend that handles data requests in real-time. This is also accomplished by significant usage of caching on the device. ADP’s application has three present iterations the iPhone application, Android application and the mobile website. Each of these instances operate using the same data and are each unique instances.

Development Overview

ADP has tasked expertise from Unbounded Solutions with creating this application. Primarily, as experts in the iOS iPhone B2B mobile app field, our consultants helped facilitate the development of the application, handling all iPhone app development requirements, bug fixes, language translations and submittal of the application to Quality Assurance for testing. Our consultants were primarily responsible for ensuring that the iPhone application is consistently developed in a timely and efficient manner as well as all functionality expressed in the specification is implemented exactly as stated. After successful completion of the initial phase of the application, ADP subsequently tasked our expertise to develop a comparable Android application to be released on all android devices version 2.0 and higher. Upon completing the iPhone application has around 800k Users. Combined with the 150k Users from the Android application and a significant amount from the web application, the ADP app has 1.1 million unique users as of today, thanks to the expertise from Unbounded Solutions.

Project Details:

ADP - iOS App




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