Move Over iOS: Android and Windows Phone Post Impressive Numbers.

As reports of the latest Apple mobile product features and capabilities seem to be everywhere these days, it is important to realize that the iPad and iPhone – mini, air, 5s, or 5c – are not the dominate forces out there in terms of market share.  That honor goes to the devices powered by Android.

In fact, industry analysts at IDC (International Data Corporation) report that Google’s Android now controls 80% of the market.  Equally newsworthy, while Apple’s sales volumes increased and reached new records, iOS market share actually went down. 

Also worth noting is the uptick seen with Windows Phone.  That platform saw impressive gains thanks to the Nokia deal announced in September – Nokia accounting for well over 90% of all the Windows Phone devices sold at this point.

This isn’t to say that Apple is going the way of the Blackberry.  Some of the soft(er) demand in Q3 can be attributed to that worst kept annual secret – that new iPhone and iPad devices tend to be released in the waning months of each year.  Also, while sales numbers are up, market share can decline due to the greater numbers of people that are adopting their first smart phone or tablet.

So what is a business to do?  Frankly, a comprehensive mobile strategy should encompass iOS, Android and Windows Mobile, and possibly be prepared for a rebirth of RIM’s Blackberry.

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