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Windows Mobile Apps – To Go

When you are looking to have a robust and powerful Windows Mobile app developed for your organization, Unbounded Solutions delivers.  The Windows Phone and Surface Tablet are powerful alternatives in the Smart Device space.  Still, there is a comparatively limited ecosystem of applications available for these devices.  Yours could be the ‘killer app’ that could dominate Windows Mobile.

More than just coding

It isn’t enough to just code an application. We will handle alpha and beta testing, and we’ll help you prepare for launch.

We’ll be there when you get user feedback and need to address bugs, or get ideas for enhancements, upgrades or new versions.  And if you want to take your app to other operating systems and devices, we’ll have our Windows Mobile teams interface with our Android and iOS teams, to ensure that the end user gets a consistent experience across all platforms.

Our Process

We have a proven process that works



No matter what your goals, we need to hear them.  We will listen and ask the pertinent questions to learn what it is you are seeking to accomplish with your Windows Mobile app.


Before we begin coding, we will construct a series of wireframe looks of the application’s look and feel.  We’ll share these with you for review and approval.


After approval of the final series of wireframes, we’ll next begin the development of the Windows Mobile underlying code as well as the user interface.



After a successful beta-test, your Windows Mobile app is ready for delivery and deployment.  The popping of champagne corks is understandable, but completely optional.

Our Mobile Projects

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