Android App Development


Mobile Development for Android

Looking for a mobile application for Android powered mobile devices?  Our team of professional Android developers have thousands of hours of coding experience, and are able to deliver apps that work on smaller screen phones, larger tablets and the many different form factors in between.

With a team of Android OS experts, Unbounded Solutions developers are able to deliver applications that are uniquely suited to solve your business application needs.

You may be in need of a new application or perhaps just a refresh of your app to add enhancements or features. We’ll work to ensure that your application functions and formats flawlessly across the many screen shapes, sizes and resolutions found in the Android ecosystem. We can target the large and small SmartPhones as well as the various tablet sizes to ensure a consistent user experience across devices.

More than just coding

It isn’t enough to just code an application. We will handle alpha and beta testing, and we’ll help you prepare for launch.

Google has a host of compliance issues that must be met before they will allow your app to be added to the Google Play store. We will advise you with best practices and expectations.

We’ll be there when you get user feedback and need to address bugs, or get ideas for enhancements, upgrades or new versions.  And if you want to take your app to other operating systems and devices, we’ll have our Android teams interface with our iOS and Windows Mobile teams, to ensure that the end user gets a consistent experience across all platforms.


Our Android App Development Process

We have a proven process that works



We start by listening.  We strive to understand what problem you’re trying to resolve and to determine a path that will allow you to be successful with your Android app.


Much like a construction project requires a set of blueprints, your Android app project will begin with a set of wireframes, which will show where all of the main elements will go.


With wireframes approved, we move to the meat of the matter – code and user interface development of your Android App.



After a successful beta-test and resolving any bugs, your Android application is ready for delivery and product launch.

Android Project Highlights

We buff our nails and show off our work