iPad mini to eclipse sales of iPad Air?

With the announcement of the newest members of Apple’s iPad family, many pundits are predicting that the iPad mini could be the one to dominate the sales charts, and not its big brother, the iPad Air.

The iPad Air specs are certainly impressive – 7.5 millimeters thick, and weighing in at one pound, it certainly lends itself to being held for prolonged periods of time.  Yet the iPad mini is lighter still  – less than 12 ounces – and it matches the larger version in every feature.  It has a 7.9 inch retina display, packing 3.1 million pixels in its 2048×1536 screen resolution.

The smaller form factor and lighter weight, along with the lower price of the iPad mini,  has us ready to buy.  Too bad we have to wait until the end of November!

What do you think?  Are you going Air or mini?  Or are you sticking with what you’ve got or going Android?

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