Game Controllers for the iPhone?

Our hardcore gamer friends admit that the iPhone and iPad have impressive graphic abilities for such a small device – especially with the retina displays.  However, they are correct when they say that touch screen interface makes it tough to port a console game like Call of Duty and have a similar experience.

ios game controller specification

Is this the iPhone game changer (pun intended) that gamers have been waiting for?

However, Apple announced this summer a set of specs and standards that would allow iOS Developers and hardware manufacturers to develop games and hardware that would allow for a much more familiar gaming experience.

At present there are now two options for gamers to try – the LogiTech Powershell and the Ace Power from Moga.

While we have yet to get either one in our Christmas Stockings – hurry up Santa –  the good folks at put them through their paces.

So what do you think?  Do either one of these seem worth the trouble?  Will there be enough iOS game development to make either one a worth while investment?  Sound off in the comment section below.

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