Developer’s Diary: IOS VS Android Development, Part Two

In the first part of this series, we covered the challenges one of our iOS developers faced while trying to master Android app development.  Feeling a bit like a stranger in a strange land, leaving the comfort of Xcode 5 and moving to Eclipse IDE was just the beginning of his journey.  Now that his shock of how different Android development is from iOS has subsided somewhat, we continue the series to delve into his ongoing journey to become a dual developer.

Oh, sure, it looks like they don't get along, but our iOS developer is warming up to Android app development.

Oh, sure, it looks like they don’t get along, but our iOS developer is warming up to Android app development.

Our iOS guinea pig reports that despite some of the differences between iOS and Android, there are some comparable similarities between the two of them. For example, Android has Activities, which provide the user interface for a screen in your application. The equivalent in iOS are ViewControllers.

Android app development also has a file for strings, although the use of such is very different compared to iOS. You can still use the strings file for localization, but Android takes it a step further and uses the file for referencing. The benefit of this is that if you have one string that you want to use multiple times, you can use that single string.

User Interfaces in Android vs iOS

Building user interface in Android uses the Interface Builder look-alike that iOS has, but it’s much more beneficial to build your UI using XML instead. Our developer sound this amusing because Storyboards in iOS are technically XML, but on a much more complicated level.

Our developer still prefers to build with iOS rather Android, but he’s excited to have discovered an IDE called Android Studio, which is basically the iOS equivalent of XCode – he likes this much better than Eclipse for a development tool.

As with any challenge in life, overcoming fear and hitting the challenge head on has proved successful for our iOS developer, as he gets his feet wet in the mysterious land of Android App Development.

Mobile App Developers:  where do you fall in the iOS vs. Android debate?  Share your comments, thoughts and recommendations below.

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    This part is as interesting as part one. Really nice and helpful posts. I am sure people will get some real information about mobile app development through your posts.

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