Bridging the Gap: Similarities Between jQuery and iOS Development

For Web-based developers looking to break into mobile app development, it can be downright intimidating to navigate this new space. Where does a developer start to plan for mobile app development? It’s not easy, but once you begin to research the languages used in a mobile platform, you’ll come across some familiar territory – jQuery Mobile.

The user interface of this platform is very similar to iPhone’s OS from a developer’s perspective. Take a look at some of the comparable features of jQuery Mobile and Apple’s iOS:

Comparing ListView from jQuery Mobile with iOS 7’s Grouped TableView

Image 1

Comparing Button UI from jQuery Mobile with iOS 7’s Button

Image 2

Comparing Switch UI from jQuery Mobile with iOS 7’s Switch UI

Image 3

Comparing Slider UI from jQuery Mobile with iOS 7’s Slider UI

Image 4

From these examples, you can definitely see the resemblance between jQuery Mobile’s UI with the native iOS 7 User Interface. Although you can make some personal changes to either of the UI’s, for the most part it’s restricted to minor changes like tint or colors.

Take note though, jQuery Mobile can be adapted to both Android and iOS since it’s really just a web page that is customized with CSS to appear optimized for the mobile platform. To implement it, you’ll need some sort of bridge to the native OS like PhoneGap.  Using jQuery Mobile is a great option that allows you to keep your Web development skills when trying to migrate to mobile platforms.

Have you had any success moving from Web-based development to mobile applications? Share your recommendations and preferences with us in the comments section below below.


  1. John Murphy

    Bridging gaps is not easy. What can be done is to train iPhone app developers to work on new iOS development projects.

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