Apple Starts Shipping the Latest iPad Mini

If you are looking to get the new iPad Mini in time for the Holiday Season, you might want to act now.  Apple has announced that is now available for shipping or to be picked up at one of the Apple Stores.

This is a bit of a departure from what Apple has done historically – normally they have enough product on hand at the retail and reseller stores to accommodate the bulk of those who would be willing to stand in line to get one.

The reason for this stems from having an adequate supply of parts, as reported by Bloomberg news:

“They had an issue with panel production to get them done on time,” said Rhoda Alexander, a senior manager at market research firm, IHS, who analyzes the tablet and display markets. “They didn’t have the volumes to support a full launch.”

So, if you have to have a new iPad Mini, the word to the wise is to place your order today at


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